Paz Design provides comprehensive creative services to clients seeking integrated solutions to marketing challenges. Every project is aimed at finding the most cohesive, creative, and effective communication that can be produced in a cost efficient way using the latest technology to advantage. Design capabilities transcend advertising and graphics, print and digital media - offering a distinct and consistent branding strategy across the board.

integrated design approach

Web fluidity is achieved with responsive layouts that transition seamlessly from a larger desktop monitor to a smaller mobile device screen - eliminating the need for creating a separate mobile app. Not only do you maintain visual cohesiveness, more importantly your viewers are assured of the simplest, unencumbered and appealing way to access information on your website across multiple devices.

Omar Paz, Art Director/Graphic Designer, is backed by years of solid experience working in-house for companies such as Nashua Corporation, Autodesk, Inmac and Atari. Also a long-time freelancer, his clients include food companies, art museum, printmaking studio to interior design firms.